Quality Auto Service You Can Trust

There's nothing like the confidence that comes from driving a well-maintained vehicle. Rather than worrying about whether you're killing your gas mileage by driving with old oil or straining your tires by not having them rotated, you can simply enjoy the delicious freedom of the open road. Proper maintenance requires many elements, though, which is why the service department at Enterprise Kia stands ready to help you with all your Kia's service needs.

From Basic to Complex

To be sure, we take care of the basic stuff in our service department — everything from oil changes to air filter replacements, and everything in between. What's more, this essential maintenance will be completed quickly, thanks to the convenience of our express service department. This means you can get in and get out and get on with your life, since spending time at a dealership service center is probably not the way you want to spend your time, no matter how great the service center is.

Beyond the basics, though, our skilled team of technicians can take on any repair job you send their way. Given the highly complex nature of modern Kia vehicles, our factory-certified mechanics are a crucial component in ensuring the accuracy and speed of any repairs you need to have done in Enterprise, AL. Of course, this broad knowledge also makes our mechanics uniquely qualified to skillfully repair any make and model of vehicle, even if it's not a Kia.

The Right Stuff

Without a doubt, our mechanics have "the right stuff," in the way of knowledge and expertise. Part of having "the right stuff," though, is having the right tools and parts to complete the job successfully. That's why the men and women in our service department are equipped with the most advanced tools and use only original equipment manufacturer parts to ensure a quality repair every time. There's no need to worry about the integrity of the repair once you drive away, knowing that our service experts have addressed every detail.

Move Boldly

With the confidence you gain from a properly repaired and well-maintained vehicle, you can explore Enterprise whenever you please, constantly amazed at the beauty that surrounds you. Please don't waste another minute with an insufficiently maintained vehicle, and stop by our service center today. We look forward to meeting you!

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